About the Davis Family

Once upon a time Dustin sent Rachel an email at work. They dated, were married, and lived happily ever after! This blog is their “happily ever after.”

Gracie was born October 2002. She’s spunky, stubborn, and knows EVERYTHING! Despite her name, she can be VERY clumsy.  She likes crafts, reading, and LOVES animals. (If it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t have a dog) At age 8 she was diagnosed with type1 diabetes. She’s been very accepting and brave about the whole ordeal. Gracie was the prettiest baby ever and just keeps getting more and more beautiful.

Gehrig was born March of 2005. He has been the biggest baby and got here the fastest. Gehrig has to do everything HIS way. He’s hot or cold, naughty or nice, up or down, black or white, silly or mad. There is NO gray. He loves Tom & Jerry, obsessed with BeyBlades, and determined that everything is ‘fun’ as opposed to boring. He has a giggle that is contagious–which can be good and bad!

Nolan was born September 2007. He has the biggest, brownest eyes you’ve ever seen! He’s very shy and people don’t think he ever talks. But at home, it’s non-stop, amplified chatter! He LIVES off of chocolate milk and will eat anything chocolate. He is fascinated with magnets and building things. He’s always making some kind of curious contraption or strange concoction from anything he can find in an average bathroom. Nolan LOVES to laugh with his brother.

Murphy was born September 2010. He is the most lovable, helpful, and fearless of the four. He gives kisses and hugs without end, will pick up anything you ask him to, and climbs everything! He’s not entirely perfect though…He is the worst sleeper ever and can throw (literally) the nastiest temper-tantrums! He has inherited Nolan’s love for chocolate milk, and loves everything boy. P.S. don’t forget the binki, and a spare in your pocket.

Daisy is the family dog. A Great Dane. She’s clumsy, cute, stubborn, and spunky…(you know how they say dog’s resemble their owners and vice-versa? Gracie and Daisy go hand in hand) Just watch out for her massive tail and deadly gas.

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  1. Dear Alana: I too am so releived that you are gttieng stronger. I find it so hard to believe that you, such a wonderful woman has been given this challenge! Still I believe we are never given anything in this life that we cannot handle. We are praying for you, and we know you will get better!! Your little man is so sweet Get better and I promise .no more 3rd base line drives. Or maybe I should say I will keep hitting them there, as you 9 out of 10 times throw me out!I too wish I was in Vancouver to add myself as a sister.Love Tracey O

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