Big pet, small pet

We recently had to do a pet re-do. Daisy is a Great Dane. Everything about her was great. Including the amount of hair she shed. It made the boys’ eczema flare up. My aunt is now the busy owner of two Great Danes along with two other dogs.

Daisy (right) will be one this Tuesday. She was so much fun. She will be hard to replace. Especially when we can’t agree on a dog/pet. So in the meantime, we bought the smallest pets.

Meet: Raptor: the evil beta fish, Captain America and the Avengers: the red, white, and blue neons, Iron Man & Thor: guppy’s, Pepper Pots: a glo fish, and Loki: a sucker-mouth catfish.

They can’t kiss you, goose you, hug you, sit on your lap, or love you, but they’re pretty to look at.

2 thoughts on “Big pet, small pet

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