Brave Gracie

Again…this post is to help update family and friends. It’s just too hard to talk with everyone personally. Gracie hasn’t been feeling so great this past month. First she had an awful flu, and last Thursday she was diagnosed with strep throat. She’s been in and out of school so much. She’s been so lethargic. Her eyes have looked so blood-shot and she just hasn’t been herself. Monday night she was so tired I was helping her get her p.j.’s on. I’ve never been so shocked. She looked like a skeleton. ¬†She had been on an anti-biotic for a few days and didn’t seems to be improving. The next morning at her dr apt, to my complete shock and dis-belief, her Dr. told me she had type 1 diabetes. We were sent to primary children’s and have been in the process of regaining her strength, stabilizing her blood sugar levels, and learning, learning, learning. She looks so much better just 24 hours after her first insulin shot. Yes, she’s insulin dependent. Thankfully, this type of diabetes doesn’t limit what she can/can’t eat. Everything just has to be ‘helped’ with insulin. We’ll be going home tomorrow after a couple more classes. Thanks to everyone for your help and concerns. We’re so blessed to have a wonderful support group. Fabulous Grandparents taking care of the 3 bears, fun neighbor visits and phone calls, visits from family, and prayers from family near and far. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

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