Divided into Fourths

With so much going on at our house lately, Gehrig has started acting out a little bit. A new baby, a sick dad who can’t do the things that boys and their dads usually do, (wrestling is Gehrig’s favorite) a a big sister who just turned eight, and a sick little side-kick has left him feeling a little upset and he’s reacting in naughty ways. He’s become a SUPER big tease causing more problems (than usual). Last week a note was sent home with him from school. It’s his turn to be the ‘student of the week.’ Knowing all that’s been going on, his teacher called and asked is she should have waited until things settled down at our house. I thought it would be good for him and we got right to work on his poster ‘all about him’ which he was so proud of. IMG_1449Monday he came home with a ruler that said, “Gehrig Davis Rules” and a book of notes and pictures from his classmates with things they liked about him. Although this doesn’t solve the whole problem, I hope it helps. I wonder what he’ll bring home today!

This problem has worried me ever since I was about to have my second child. “HOW do I divide my time between each child so that each feels loved and needed and knows that they are a special part of our family?” With each addition to our family, that question has become more and more of a concern. With each child, every responsibility seems to double. And after seeing the need for more attention from Gehrig, I was talking to my mom about what more I can do. She suggested a date night each week with one child. I thought this was a great idea!It may be with just mom, just dad, or even both! Maybe every 1st Thursday is Gracie’s special day, the 2nd Thursday is Gehrig’s, the 3rd Thursday is Nolan’s and the 4th Thursday eventually Murphy’s special day.  We could  take them to a movie, out for ice cream, to the park to play/practice their favorite sport etc., but they know and can look forward to that one-on-one time with their parents. Here’s hoping for a good outcome!

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