Gingerbread service

For our first FHE for the month of December, I knew we were going to be making gingerbread cookies for the treat. IMG_1562When I was talking to my mom about this, she had an idea (again) for the lesson to ‘go with the treat.’ Yes, it’s backwards thinking, but it   turned out great! As I was leaving, my mom remembered that she had all the cut-outs to the story. (My kids listened a whole lot better because they had something to hold) I first told the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man,’ then related the story to a ‘secret service’ game we were going to play for the month. My mom lent me a little bean-bag in the shape of a gingerbread man. Starting with Dustin, he’d find something he could do for someone else in the family and would leave the gingerbread man on their pillow. Then that person gets to choose a IMG_1566person to serve and so on and so forth. It’s been working out pretty nicely. The kids are having fun. Hopefully we can make it last throughout the entire month!  

4 thoughts on “Gingerbread service

  1. That is a super cool ginger bread house. I came asrcos your blog from Whitney’s blog. So I have been lurking on your blog for awhile. A few years back when we were looking for a house we too looked at that house that is on the hill above the stadium. We did end up with a MCM house in Bountiful. So like the other post, did you ever get into a new house?

  2. ElÅ‘ször így, ebben a sorrendben, aztán a középsÅ‘t elÅ‘re és a harmadikat középre, aztán hátulról elÅ‘re :DNemcsak finomak, de nagyon szépek is! Hiába na, aki profi, az Max 🙂

  3. hiya sweetiei'm back in blogland, not on my blog yet, but mayby tomorrow i'll place it on my blog sweetieyour card is super cute hunni, and the image is superrrrrrrrr sweetthanks for the chance to win the adorable tilda sweetienow i want to tell you some good news from my side, my hubby is transplanted he has new lungs now and he's of ic today, that's why i was not around, i diden'd had internet in the hotel were i was staying for a couple of day's, finaly some good news hunnihugs angelique

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