Gracie’s 1st Piano Recital

Gracie had her first piano recital since starting lessons in July. We asked her if she was nervous and she said, “no.” I asked her if her fingers were shaking. She again said, “no.” Her lack of nervousness is something she obviously doesn’t get from either me or Dustin. She played Fur Elise, and did a great job!

7 thoughts on “Gracie’s 1st Piano Recital

  1. Hugs Girl! You are doing an awesome job. I am sure there will be lots of days like this to come and also lots of great days. You just have to stay stnrog. I wish you had family closer that could come and give you a break every once and a while. Hope your day is much better and relaxing today Love the photo of you and JuJu. You look GREAT! You should post pictures more often of you!

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