Growing Daisy

My sister gave me a hard time about why I hadn’t blogged about my dog yet. (I’ve only been blogging for 3 days!) I guess she’s just got more of the animal-loving gene in her than I do. So here it is!
Dustin and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while. We wanted the kids to be able to care for it. We wanted a dog that would be of course great with kids. Dustin wanted something small but I think “yippy.” I wanted a bigger dog. One that I could take jogging…if I ever started. He thought “anoying & hard to manage.”  We started researching… labradoodles, all sorts of spaniels…Then we were waiting for right time. A house with a bigger backyard, etc. One day while out-of-town, I got a call from my dad. “I found the right dog.” ………………”a what?” It was a Great Dane. After some discussion and persuasion, we gave my dad the go-ahead to buy her. She was home waiting for us and the kids had no idea. We’d kept it a secret. I just don’t know how something so little can grow so fast!

Daisy was about 9 weeks old when we got her. She’s now 6 1/2 months old. She is so clumsy, sweet & lovable. Between the floppy jowls, weird sleeping positions, and extreme fear of the vacuum (which she tries to hide from but for obvious reasons can’t) she’s brought much laughter to our house, that’s for sure!

But with a name like GREAT, I guess we shouldn’t expect any less!

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