On the mend…

To give everyone an update on Dustin and Gracie’s health…
Dustin has been cancer-free since his tumor was removed in the Fall of 2010. He’s been seeing his oncologist about every three months and just made an appointment for six months out! He has CT scans about every six months to check for new tumors (which will soon be yearly), but all have looked great. He continues his once-a-day ‘chemo’ pill that is specific for fighting his type of cancer cells. He’ll continue to take these for the next two years…at least. (Every time we go, they change the duration. 1 year, 2 years, now 3). He feels great and is able to do everything a dad his age should be doing, (with exception to the extreme herniated disc in his low back that happened on 12/31/11, but lets not open that can of worms!!!)  😉 We’re hoping therapy will help and he won’t have to have surgery. He say’s he’d rather have cancer…no more jumping sports (basketball and ultimate Frisbee) upsets him.

Dustin doing one of his favorite things...holding a sleepy baby.

Gracie is doing remarkably well after being diagnosed with diabetes last February. She’s very smart, and knows her body well enough to know when her blood sugars are getting low. She can even give herself her own shots when she doesn’t have help at school.  It’s been and continues to be an adjustment with our eating/snacking habits at home –  especially with three ‘starving’ (growing) boys! She hopes to get on a pump this year to help out with ‘snacking’ and less shots, especially at school.

Brielle & Gracie

We’re hoping for a better year concerning our health, but if not, we know that the Lord loves us, knows us, and will help us through anything.

3 thoughts on “On the mend…

  1. Oh I am happy for your hubby and sad for your daughter! A pump is so the best thing ever! Way better than shots. I have now been diabetic (type 1) for 8 years and had a pump for 7 years! Diabetes sucks big time! It is definatly a constant battle for life! 🙁 I am sorry! My prayers are with you all!

  2. Rachel, I am so glad you are all doing well. We pray that will continue for all of you! It is so true that the Lord know what we can handle, I often have to tell myself the trials are worth the Celestial rewards! Love you all!

  3. Rachel! It’s been fun to get caught up on you guys! I was shocked reading your blog that Gracie had been diagnosed with diabetes. You guys are a strong family and can lean on each other! You have the faith along with a big support group that everything will work out for your family. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since Dustin found out. Time flies! Keep your chins up!

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