Our Family’s Special Weekend

Daddy Daughter Hike

IMG_1456The Friday before Gracie’s baptism, Dustin checked Gracie out of school early to go on a hike. She was completely surprised! He made analogies along the way about how staying on the trail is like keeping the commandments. On the way down the hill, Dustin asked her how long she thought it would take to get back down the mountain. “About an hour?’ Dustin said. “For you it will take an hour!” she said. Keep in mind Dustin is still recovering from his surgery.



Dinner at the Garden

IMG_1464Later that night we took Gracie to the Garden over-looking the temple. We got all dressed up and we had a fun night just the three of us. I think that she loved the special attention. 









Baptism Day

IMG_1467 IMG_1471

Gracie loved the flowers that Aunt Leslie gave to her. She totally felt like a princess. I’m glad I got this family photo. Who would have thought that Nolan would end up with the stomach flu and not able to be at the blessing of Murphy the next day.

Blessing Day


All dressed in white!

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