Where the Book of Mormon Came From

Meanwhile, back at the Davis family home evening…

Daddy: Where did the Book of Mormon come from?
Mommy: Yeah, where did we get the Book of Mormon?
Gehrig: I know! Upstairs on the chair!

1 thought on “Where the Book of Mormon Came From

  1. MiriamThis is not a comment, but I do have a quoiestn regarding what to do if I want to convert to Mormonism, but my husband (of ten years) is not a Mormon, does not want to be, and is a practicing Buddhist (having been born and raised as a Buddhist). I am a former Roman Catholic, and married him with the understanding that I too would try to follow the Buddhist path (as I studied Zen Buddhism for many years). I have found less and less happiness as a Buddhist, and miss my Christian background. I also have no desire to return to Catholicism, but am really drawn to Mormonism, and everything I have read about it. I am wondering if anyone can offer advice, as I do love my husband very much, but I KNOW he would never convert to Mormonism, and probably would be very hurt and upset if he knew of my desire to convert to Mormonism. He is very happy as a Buddhist and has no desire to become a Christian. Please help! Thank you.

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