Living in this House Forever

Nolan: (in a very sad voice) Mommy said we have to live in this house forever.
Dad: You don’t like this house? Where do you want to move?
Nolan: I want to go to college… at BYU.
Dad: Mommy & Daddy will live in this house forever, but you can move out and go to BYU.
Nolan: No! I want you to move to BYU with me!

4 thoughts on “Living in this House Forever

  1. You have managed to enltuelqoy put into words what I have tried to explain to family & friends these past few months, as I started drawing again after a decade of barely a scribble. They thought I was a bit mad to solicit lists of words & idioms ~ all of which I dutifully noted down in a sketchbook. I have then proceeded on almost a daily basis to take that book to a cafe with the following sell-made rules:1) Sit down with coffee & croissant2) Eat croissant while reading over the list ~ that word/idiom which forms an idea is the subject for a sketch3) Compose, draw and FINISH sketch while I drink my beverage.4) Post drawing to an online forum giving a nod to the individual who gave me the word/idiom to inspire the sketch.Creativity = Constraints + AccountabilityThis homemaker has never lacked for ideas, only the commitment to follow through on them. I don’t need the lists, but the expectations of family and friends drives me to amuse them with my interpretations of their suggestions all the while thinking fast, practicing and hopefully improving.

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