Nolan Learned to Talk

Our friends have a four year old in Nolan’s class. Last week when he got home his parents asked if he had fun in Primary. He said, “Yeah. And guess what?! Nolan is learning how to talk!”

4 thoughts on “Nolan Learned to Talk

  1. HI MIKE and LINDSAY!,,ohhhhh my word,,,,Nolan is soooo darn cute! I can’t wait to see and hold him Mike,,i’ve been looking for some pics of your ftehar from when he was Nolan’s age,,,as soon as i locate them,,, i’ll forward them along to you and Lindsay!yessss,,,, so I hear that I am going to be a Great-Aunt again!! CONGRATULATIONS to you all did you know that Jimmie’s B-day is June 8th and Aunt Wally’s would have been right on June 9th??,,we are soooo very happy for you both and Nolan!I am loving looking at the photos,,thanks for sharing them Love from,, Aunt Carole and Todd, too!

  2. Marnie – I have lived in Kamloops since October 2007 and have recently gttoen into photography. I would love to have a tour of this place. I have only driven by but never stopped as I had heard that it was heavily monitored by motion sensors. I think they should definitely open it up to photographers for photo opportunities before a big piece of Kamloops history is destroyed. Maybe someone should write a letter to the editor in the newspaper.

  3. Happy New Year to you. My dad got over SAD by taking a high dose of Vit D and treating himself to a couple of sunbed sessions. We are half way through winter and the lights are getting lighter now, so chin up xxxx

  4. dzieki za pozyteczny artykul, teraz bede wiedziala jak przypilnować ekipe jak beda stawiac okna hehe Swoja droga Wasz blog przysÅ‚użyÅ‚by również naszym “fachowcom”, dowiedzieli by sie pau pożytecznych rzeczy…

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