Davis’ go 12-0!

We just celebrated our 12th anniversary! When throwing out ideas, one came up and we jumped on it! During our anniversary, I was going to be gone at girls camp, and Dustin really wanted to see Chipper play as it’s his last season. So we planned it a month early, and good thing too. Who knew girls camp could wear you out so much! I came home exhausted and sick!

On our way to the airport we were so excited! Leaving our kids home with my mom and sister felt great. We didn’t feel rushed to get home and relieve the babysitter or worry about whether or not the kids were okay. We just enjoyed an entire day and a half being together and alone!





Never seen a bigger smile!



It was the perfect game too! It went 11 innings, Braves had 19 hits, and Chipper had a great night including a solo home run!




The game went so late we thought we were going to miss the late night showing of The Avengers that we’d bought tickets for. Dustin had injured both calf muscles the day before we flew out. And after being on a plane and taking his cancer pills that cause water retention he could hardly walk. We didn’t know how we were going to rush back to the car with the huge crowds. 

SO, we paid to be pulled in a buggy by a cyclist! I’ve never been so scared and giggly in all my life! We were going so fast and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t take a good picture. People were yelling at the guy as he was weaving in and out through the crowds and a few times I thought we were going to flip (which has happened to me before as a child with a friend and her older brothers friend doing the cycling) we missed a few previews but…WE MADE THE MOVIE! We only had 30-40 minutes to get to the movie from the time the game ended.


I think we decided we need more of these mini time outs! Denver was close and cheep, and if I find more things to do in nearby states that just require a family member sleeping over for just one night while we get away I think it’s totally worth it!

Happy 12th Anniversary!