Laundry Room Makeover!

When we bought this house, I knew it came with a lot of projects…..there is oak everywhere! Cabinets, doors, paneling and moldings. This is room 2 of many, many more, that will need all that wood painted or replaced…one room at a time. Dustin, however, said that he won’t be sanding/painting any more cabinets. I don’t blame him. This was hard!!! It’s definitely worth saving up and paying more $$$ to have a professional do it.
Big thanks to my aunt Janet who removed all the ugly backsplash, sheetrocked, and re-routed some plumbing. And thanks to my dad who helped with the shoe-shelf design, beadboard, and use of his truck for the many trips to home depot. He tries to convince us he is retired from this sort of work, but we still get it out of him. Love you Pops!

Before…dark and dated. (I hate my floor tile. But can’t take it up until we redo the kitchen)


After…light and updated. Makes me want to do laundry! (Except who’s going to fold and put away?!?)

   Check out that awesome shoe cubby! Dustin built it himself. (with a little help from my dad) There are no screws. Only dowels and glue for the top shelf.

For art, all I did was cut out an image and mount in on colored paper. Ikea frames are super cheep and have pretty decent sized mats. I double the mats in the center picture.

For the art near my sewing desk, I took 3 canvas’ and covered them in graphic black and white fabric. I then used ribbon, bows, and buttons to decorate them.