5 thoughts on “Thankful to Clean

  1. Last April 1st (2012), Palm Sunday, I had a mild stroke which caeusd some numbness to my left side along with other health issues that I continue to have today. I am frustrated because I cannot be the same as I was a year ago and I am struggling to get well. I ended up in the hospital again in October 2012 for the same reason and it was because I was stressing out and taking too many things personally. Three weeks ago, I lost it at work due to stress and trying to do too much. I took two days off and re-focused on what was important my faith, my health and my family. You are right life is too short, as I’ve had to learn the hard way. It’s not easy but I’m focused on doing the best job I can at work and then go home to my wife, have a nice dinner and then play my guitar. This QBQ note has hit home. Take it from someone who is currently experiencing health issues life is too short. Step back and re-focus.

  2. So, Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable, you have committed yourself to the option of posting hostile comments on a subject about which you would prefer to be ignorant. Hmm.

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