This House has need of helping hands…

This project has been in the making for 3 weeks now. I admit, I underestimated the time it would take to get them done (something my husband is always telling me). “Take the time you THINK it’s going to take, and double it!” He’s always right. I was searching for ways keep my kids interested in their chores and I came upon this site.  It’s a chart using a board, LOTS of laminate countertop samples from the hardware store, small hooks, and all your free time during nap time.  In fact, it took so long, that Gehrig began refusing to do any chores until his chore board was done!

Anyway, I thought the idea was so cute that I went shopping right away! I was so excited about it  that I remembered (or should I say forgot) it was early day while shopping at Roberts Craft. My kids were getting off the bus that very second. Good thing my mom lives close, she was home, and is willing to make up for what I lack as a mom!

For their names, I used full sheets of clear labels so you can still see the paper underneath. So here’s the end product! When they finish a job, they flip their card over! Now that they’re up, I don’t know how I’m going to keep Nolan from loosing his chore cards!

IMG_1592 IMG_1580

If only I had a ‘locker room’ area where they can hang their backpacks and coats when they get home from school. It would be the perfect place to hang these! For now, the hallway will have to do.


Again, thanks to my mom for all bags of extra ribbons and jars of cute buttons she saves for things like this. (Usually meant for her projects though)

12 thoughts on “This House has need of helping hands…

  1. Imagine our shock when Gehrig came to us yesterday and said he had completed all his chores (on a Sunday, without ever being asked)

    Good job Honey!

  2. Those are really cute, Rachel! I might have to try them some time. I use a similar system with magnets on the fridge and for some reason the kids love playing with the magnets and destroying them.

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