Mmm Mmm Good!

Why is it that a baby’s first word is usually dada?!?! I’ve never understood it. Baby’s first face they see and voice they hear/recognize are that of his moms. Mom and baby share the first bond. So what’s the deal?!?! Well, it’s taken a while, but the reward was well worth it!!! It came after ball, num num, hot, bath, [ba]nana, dog, and down, but my little Murph is FINALLY saying “Mmmomma.”

The Innocent Dane

Have you ever seen that movie the Ugly Dachshund? There was a scene from that movie that I walked into after snow-blowing my ginormous driveway this morning. Dustin was at physical therapy, Gracie and Gehrig were at school, and I started a show for Nolan and Murph…but something else got into their little minds…

Just like the movie…our dog was not to blame. I have two ‘ugly dachshunds’ named Nolan and Murphy. Yes, it’s my fault…I left them alone. But at least this incident gave me a ¬†good laugh.

“I didn’t do it.”

The guilty ones.