Wocket in my Pocket

Nolan’s new favorite book is There’s a Wocket in my Pocket. He makes me read it every night. Tonight Gehrig sat with us a we read. After we were done Gehrig innocently said, “Daddy, there’s a WEENS in my JEANS.”

6 thoughts on “Wocket in my Pocket

  1. Armand had never thought of being the one that was African American, he autamotically accused his wife. Blaming her for their baby not being fully white. At the end of the story when he finds out he African American, he was shocked and most likely felt bad for how he treated his wife and child. Desiree’ baby was a form of naturalism because, during slavery times this was a real issue, even today this issue still relevant.

  2. Moderator Bey/Bayan,Dun akşam oyunu izledikten sonra oyunu begenmediğimi yazdıgım notu bu sayfaya koymayı uygun bulmadığınızı anlıyorum. Bu sayfaya sadece begenilen oyunlarla ilgili yorum mu yazmak gerekiyor?Yoksa uslubu mu begenmediniz?Cevabınızı merakla bekliyorum?

  3. it all, IMO.However, you’re actually correct in saying he has lied about his record in the past. His first season with this system (It was still called the 99 System back then. Eastman and Jeff Smith both used it, each giving it their own unique twist.) actually hit at an unheard of 83%. Since he knew no one would EVER believe that claim, he did in fact lie by saying it hit at 70%.

  4. Sounds like my lifestyle except for insert WoW for all activities up to 1:00am ;pOnly joking, ever since my internet connection has been down and I have had to go cold turkey on it, it’s amazing how many other things there are to do Although I was reduced to playing Dungeon Siege II last night till midnight before realising what time it was, good job I can get up at 8:40am and still get into work for 9:00am

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