Conference Spring Garden

I was trying to find something a little different than the usual ‘conference packets’ to keep my kids interested/busy and found this website. She uses flowers with the apostles names on them and a line for what the talk was about. After each talk, you can tape them up to the wall or a large poster to create a garden by the time conference is over! You then, after conference, encourage family members to ‘pick’ a flower and do something related to that flowers topic. What a great idea! Putting into action the things we’ve learned!

There were also some links for different aged children to make a conference packet for each child. Great ideas! I can wait to post pictures of our General Conference Spring Garden!

March Madness

This was Gracie’s first year playing basketball. She LOVES it! She’s the Mark Eaton of 3rd grade girls basketball. She was at LEAST a foot taller than every girl on her team. She grew so fast, she still hasn’t quite lived up to her name! This was the only team they played against with girls as tall as her!

Mmm Mmm Good!

Why is it that a baby’s first word is usually dada?!?! I’ve never understood it. Baby’s first face they see and voice they hear/recognize are that of his moms. Mom and baby share the first bond. So what’s the deal?!?! Well, it’s taken a while, but the reward was well worth it!!! It came after ball, num num, hot, bath, [ba]nana, dog, and down, but my little Murph is FINALLY saying “Mmmomma.”

Growing Daisy

My sister gave me a hard time about why I hadn’t blogged about my dog yet. (I’ve only been blogging for 3 days!) I guess she’s just got more of the animal-loving gene in her than I do. So here it is!
Dustin and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while. We wanted the kids to be able to care for it. We wanted a dog that would be of course great with kids. Dustin wanted something small but I think “yippy.” I wanted a bigger dog. One that I could take jogging…if I ever started. He thought “anoying & hard to manage.”  We started researching… labradoodles, all sorts of spaniels…Then we were waiting for right time. A house with a bigger backyard, etc. One day while out-of-town, I got a call from my dad. “I found the right dog.” ………………”a what?” It was a Great Dane. After some discussion and persuasion, we gave my dad the go-ahead to buy her. She was home waiting for us and the kids had no idea. We’d kept it a secret. I just don’t know how something so little can grow so fast!

Daisy was about 9 weeks old when we got her. She’s now 6 1/2 months old. She is so clumsy, sweet & lovable. Between the floppy jowls, weird sleeping positions, and extreme fear of the vacuum (which she tries to hide from but for obvious reasons can’t) she’s brought much laughter to our house, that’s for sure!

But with a name like GREAT, I guess we shouldn’t expect any less!

The Innocent Dane

Have you ever seen that movie the Ugly Dachshund? There was a scene from that movie that I walked into after snow-blowing my ginormous driveway this morning. Dustin was at physical therapy, Gracie and Gehrig were at school, and I started a show for Nolan and Murph…but something else got into their little minds…

Just like the movie…our dog was not to blame. I have two ‘ugly dachshunds’ named Nolan and Murphy. Yes, it’s my fault…I left them alone. But at least this incident gave me a  good laugh.

“I didn’t do it.”

The guilty ones.

On the mend…

To give everyone an update on Dustin and Gracie’s health…
Dustin has been cancer-free since his tumor was removed in the Fall of 2010. He’s been seeing his oncologist about every three months and just made an appointment for six months out! He has CT scans about every six months to check for new tumors (which will soon be yearly), but all have looked great. He continues his once-a-day ‘chemo’ pill that is specific for fighting his type of cancer cells. He’ll continue to take these for the next two years…at least. (Every time we go, they change the duration. 1 year, 2 years, now 3). He feels great and is able to do everything a dad his age should be doing, (with exception to the extreme herniated disc in his low back that happened on 12/31/11, but lets not open that can of worms!!!)  😉 We’re hoping therapy will help and he won’t have to have surgery. He say’s he’d rather have cancer…no more jumping sports (basketball and ultimate Frisbee) upsets him.

Dustin doing one of his favorite things...holding a sleepy baby.

Gracie is doing remarkably well after being diagnosed with diabetes last February. She’s very smart, and knows her body well enough to know when her blood sugars are getting low. She can even give herself her own shots when she doesn’t have help at school.  It’s been and continues to be an adjustment with our eating/snacking habits at home –  especially with three ‘starving’ (growing) boys! She hopes to get on a pump this year to help out with ‘snacking’ and less shots, especially at school.

Brielle & Gracie

We’re hoping for a better year concerning our health, but if not, we know that the Lord loves us, knows us, and will help us through anything.