Conference Garden

I think this idea really helped the kids listen more to conference. We wrote the names of the Prophet and apostles on separate flowers and let the kids fill in what the talks were about. I failed on the following-through part though. The idea was that throughout the weeks following conference, family members could ‘pick’ a flower and put into action that principle. I hope to do it again this fall, but with a tree and leaves.

Conference Spring Garden

I was trying to find something a little different than the usual ‘conference packets’ to keep my kids interested/busy and found this website. She uses flowers with the apostles names on them and a line for what the talk was about. After each talk, you can tape them up to the wall or a large poster to create a garden by the time conference is over! You then, after conference, encourage family members to ‘pick’ a flower and do something related to that flowers topic. What a great idea! Putting into action the things we’ve learned!

There were also some links for different aged children to make a conference packet for each child. Great ideas! I can wait to post pictures of our General Conference Spring Garden!

March Madness

This was Gracie’s first year playing basketball. She LOVES it! She’s the Mark Eaton of 3rd grade girls basketball. She was at LEAST a foot taller than every girl on her team. She grew so fast, she still hasn’t quite lived up to her name! This was the only team they played against with girls as tall as her!

Stupid Jerk?

As Gehrig was delivering his birthday invitations, he came back to the car after getting no answer at that door. I asked, “Did you ring the doorbell?”


“Why not?”

He smiled and said, “Because I’m stupid.” He then got back out of the car to ring the doorbell.

Nolan was in the back seat listening. As soon as Gehrig got out of the car he said, “What a jerk!”

I think my kids are watching too much TV.