Gracie’s 1st Piano Recital

Gracie had her first piano recital since starting lessons in July. We asked her if she was nervous and she said, “no.” I asked her if her fingers were shaking. She again said, “no.” Her lack of nervousness is something she obviously doesn’t get from either me or Dustin. She played Fur Elise, and did a great job!

Brave Gracie

Again…this post is to help update family and friends. It’s just too hard to talk with everyone personally. Gracie hasn’t been feeling so great this past month. First she had an awful flu, and last Thursday she was diagnosed with strep throat. She’s been in and out of school so much. She’s been so lethargic. Her eyes have looked so blood-shot and she just hasn’t been herself. Monday night she was so tired I was helping her get her p.j.’s on. I’ve never been so shocked. She looked like a skeleton.  She had been on an anti-biotic for a few days and didn’t seems to be improving. The next morning at her dr apt, to my complete shock and dis-belief, her Dr. told me she had type 1 diabetes. We were sent to primary children’s and have been in the process of regaining her strength, stabilizing her blood sugar levels, and learning, learning, learning. She looks so much better just 24 hours after her first insulin shot. Yes, she’s insulin dependent. Thankfully, this type of diabetes doesn’t limit what she can/can’t eat. Everything just has to be ‘helped’ with insulin. We’ll be going home tomorrow after a couple more classes. Thanks to everyone for your help and concerns. We’re so blessed to have a wonderful support group. Fabulous Grandparents taking care of the 3 bears, fun neighbor visits and phone calls, visits from family, and prayers from family near and far. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

This House has need of helping hands…

This project has been in the making for 3 weeks now. I admit, I underestimated the time it would take to get them done (something my husband is always telling me). “Take the time you THINK it’s going to take, and double it!” He’s always right. I was searching for ways keep my kids interested in their chores and I came upon this site.  It’s a chart using a board, LOTS of laminate countertop samples from the hardware store, small hooks, and all your free time during nap time.  In fact, it took so long, that Gehrig began refusing to do any chores until his chore board was done!

Anyway, I thought the idea was so cute that I went shopping right away! I was so excited about it  that I remembered (or should I say forgot) it was early day while shopping at Roberts Craft. My kids were getting off the bus that very second. Good thing my mom lives close, she was home, and is willing to make up for what I lack as a mom!

For their names, I used full sheets of clear labels so you can still see the paper underneath. So here’s the end product! When they finish a job, they flip their card over! Now that they’re up, I don’t know how I’m going to keep Nolan from loosing his chore cards!

IMG_1592 IMG_1580

If only I had a ‘locker room’ area where they can hang their backpacks and coats when they get home from school. It would be the perfect place to hang these! For now, the hallway will have to do.


Again, thanks to my mom for all bags of extra ribbons and jars of cute buttons she saves for things like this. (Usually meant for her projects though)

Gingerbread service

For our first FHE for the month of December, I knew we were going to be making gingerbread cookies for the treat. IMG_1562When I was talking to my mom about this, she had an idea (again) for the lesson to ‘go with the treat.’ Yes, it’s backwards thinking, but it   turned out great! As I was leaving, my mom remembered that she had all the cut-outs to the story. (My kids listened a whole lot better because they had something to hold) I first told the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man,’ then related the story to a ‘secret service’ game we were going to play for the month. My mom lent me a little bean-bag in the shape of a gingerbread man. Starting with Dustin, he’d find something he could do for someone else in the family and would leave the gingerbread man on their pillow. Then that person gets to choose a IMG_1566person to serve and so on and so forth. It’s been working out pretty nicely. The kids are having fun. Hopefully we can make it last throughout the entire month!  


Last night was Gehrig’s special one-on-one time with me. I took him to go see Megamind. (not one I’d recommend seeing twice) Half way through the movie he asked if we could go home. He said it was too long. I thought he was just anxious about his new desk that Dustin was putting together while we were gone. After the movie, as we were walking out of the theater, he began throwing up! I started rushing him out the door as he was throwing up in the lobby, stopped again in the foyer ticket-purchasing area and he threw up some more, then I rushed him outside to the flowerbeds where he finished. It was all over his coat, pants and shoes.  I thought about how I was going to get him home without another episode happening in the car, found some garbage sacks and told him to do his business in there if he felt the urge. After starting the drive home, driving as fast and as safe as I could, I realized his car seat was directly behind me! I prayed the whole way home I wouldn’t end up with puke down the back of my neck! I was lucky, still am. He hasn’t thrown up since. Happy 1st special time with mom, Gehrig! I’m sure I’ll never forget it!

Divided into Fourths

With so much going on at our house lately, Gehrig has started acting out a little bit. A new baby, a sick dad who can’t do the things that boys and their dads usually do, (wrestling is Gehrig’s favorite) a a big sister who just turned eight, and a sick little side-kick has left him feeling a little upset and he’s reacting in naughty ways. He’s become a SUPER big tease causing more problems (than usual). Last week a note was sent home with him from school. It’s his turn to be the ‘student of the week.’ Knowing all that’s been going on, his teacher called and asked is she should have waited until things settled down at our house. I thought it would be good for him and we got right to work on his poster ‘all about him’ which he was so proud of. IMG_1449Monday he came home with a ruler that said, “Gehrig Davis Rules” and a book of notes and pictures from his classmates with things they liked about him. Although this doesn’t solve the whole problem, I hope it helps. I wonder what he’ll bring home today!

This problem has worried me ever since I was about to have my second child. “HOW do I divide my time between each child so that each feels loved and needed and knows that they are a special part of our family?” With each addition to our family, that question has become more and more of a concern. With each child, every responsibility seems to double. And after seeing the need for more attention from Gehrig, I was talking to my mom about what more I can do. She suggested a date night each week with one child. I thought this was a great idea!It may be with just mom, just dad, or even both! Maybe every 1st Thursday is Gracie’s special day, the 2nd Thursday is Gehrig’s, the 3rd Thursday is Nolan’s and the 4th Thursday eventually Murphy’s special day.  We could  take them to a movie, out for ice cream, to the park to play/practice their favorite sport etc., but they know and can look forward to that one-on-one time with their parents. Here’s hoping for a good outcome!

What was he thinking???

Dustin found Gehrig sleeping like this. When I went into his room to look, I couldn’t hold back the laughter! BTW, I sent to him to bed with his shirt ON!




…these photos were taken over an hour ago, and although the left leg has surrendered, the right one is still going strong!

Our Family’s Special Weekend

Daddy Daughter Hike

IMG_1456The Friday before Gracie’s baptism, Dustin checked Gracie out of school early to go on a hike. She was completely surprised! He made analogies along the way about how staying on the trail is like keeping the commandments. On the way down the hill, Dustin asked her how long she thought it would take to get back down the mountain. “About an hour?’ Dustin said. “For you it will take an hour!” she said. Keep in mind Dustin is still recovering from his surgery.



Dinner at the Garden

IMG_1464Later that night we took Gracie to the Garden over-looking the temple. We got all dressed up and we had a fun night just the three of us. I think that she loved the special attention. 









Baptism Day

IMG_1467 IMG_1471

Gracie loved the flowers that Aunt Leslie gave to her. She totally felt like a princess. I’m glad I got this family photo. Who would have thought that Nolan would end up with the stomach flu and not able to be at the blessing of Murphy the next day.

Blessing Day


All dressed in white!